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Basic Concept :
An ellipse is the set of points, {P}, such that the distance from P to a fixed point F1, plus the distance from P to a fixed point F2 is a constant for all points in the set .

That means that if there are three points named P , A , B and PA+PB=constant then this represents a ellipse .

The rope and the two posts define such a set, so the area the cow can move in is an ellipse . You have to calculate the area of an ellipse .

The area of an ellipse is a*b*pi where a and b are half the distance of the minor and major axes respectively.

factor a can be calculated by L/2 (the rope+two pillars form a line)
factor b can be calculated by sqrt((L/2)^2 – (D/2)^2) (the rope+two pillars form a triangle)

Since unit circle has area pi, this ellipse has area pi * a * b.

In the following the code of the above problem is given …You can give a galance of this .Have a better day .

Code :

using namespace std;

#define PI 2*acos(0.0)

int main()
int test,i,D,L;
double a,b,res;
return 0;

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