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 আশা করি বন্ধুরা ভালই আছ । আজকে আমি আলোচনা করব ACM UVA 10642 এর লজিক । সাথে তো আছেই বোনাস হিসেবে Accepted Code .

      1.Transform the grid coordinates into its index… Remember that x and y axis is reversed (see problem description), not like the ordinary Cartesian coordinate.

                              (0,0) index 1
                              (0,1) index 2
                              (1,0) index 3
                              and so on

      2.For each coordinate (x,y), the corresponding index is (1+(y+x))*(y+x)/2 + x;

              The Logic for this formula is very simple . Let  (y+x) indicate the layer this coordinate lies…(1 + (y+x)) * (y+x) / 2 is the arithmetic progression formula . finally add the value with x to complete the mapping.

              Remember that since x,y <= 200.000, 200.000 * 200.000 can be bigger than 32-bit int, use long long instead.

 Code :

using namespace std;

int main()
    int test,i,x1,x2,y1,y2;
    long long int index1,index2;

        printf(“Case %d: %lld\n”,i,index2-index1);
    return 0;


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